2020 Silent Movie

I was vacation on Little Cayman when the country shut down at the start of the pandemic. I had just upgraded my underwater camera to a SeaLife DC2000 and only really used the day before my flight out when I went snorkeling. I did manage to see a lot from turtles and rays to groupers and lots of fish amoung the coral bommies.

It was such a depressing time I didn’t even look at the footage until just before the world opened up again and I could start traveling to dive again.

Old Diving Vids

Back in 2018 I was still using my old Powershot S90. The video results were not always great but I would cobble together a video or two and post them on my YouTube channel.

Here are a few vids.

That time my camera was stuck in B&W mode:

A shaky video of a shy Porcupine Fish:

A close encounter with a Nurse Shark:

Early Dives

Way back years ago when I still used my old Canon PowerShot A20 and then later an S90. As an added bonus a few very blurry shots of me helping cull invasive Lionfish back before the Zookeeper devices were invented.

Stega breathing underwater

That first dive….

I had a camera on my very first dive. My old Canon PowerShot A20.